Partner 10 - TWI Ltd
TWI is one of Europe's largest independent Research and Technology Organisations. Based near Cambridge since 1946, TWI provides industry with technical support in joining, coating and associated technologies through information, advice and technology transfer; consultancy and project support, contract R&D and training, qualification and personal membership. It is the only single source of expertise in every aspect of joining and coating technology for engineering materials. TWI is internationally renowned for bringing together multidisciplinary teams to implement established or advanced technology or to solve problems arising at any stage - from initial design, materials selection, production and quality assurance, through to service and repair. TWI has over 750 staff and a turnover of 60 million Euros. Around 3000 companies and organisations - representing virtually all sectors of manufacturing industry from over 50 countries around the globe - benefit from TWI services.

In this project TWI is responsible for development of coatings and characterisation that is suitable for the application.


Partner 11 - University College Ghent
University College Ghent is the largest University College in Belgium and has an textile department (unique in Belgium).
The department Textile is the textile division with education program in bachelor and master Textile. The Department textile is linked to the Faculty of Technology. TO2C is the Textile Research Centre of the Department Textile. The total number of researchers and technicians is 13.
Started in 1998 with completely new pilot facilities and engineering capabilities, the laboratory acquired competence and specialisation in industrial relevant new breakthrough and eco-technologies for a broad range of hi-tech textiles. The expertise and competence found in the lab includes: nanotechnologies (nano-coating, nano- particles), different coating technologies (including UV curable systems), digital (piezo- en valve-jet) and radiation technologies (including UV-, CO2-laser-engineering) and different atmospheric plasma systems. The laboratory also has competence in hotmelt and magnetron sputtering technologies (nanocoating of inorganic materials, inclusive metallic coatings). Besides finishing activities, the lab has extended its research activities to new production processes such as leno and 3D-weaving, braiding and advanced spinning technologies.

In this project University of Ghent will bring their extensive facilities and knowledge in the textile materials and processing that can be easily adapted by the industry.

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Partner 12 - Institut National Des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon
Located on the premises of the Science and Technological Park of la Doua in Villeurbanne, INSA Lyon is ranked among the top universities of Science and Technology in Europe, pluridisciplinary and international, at the heart of the European Higher Education Area.
Over a 5 year curriculum, it trains humanist multi-competent engineers who are both innovative and entrepreneurial. INSA Lyon applies a policy of excellence implemented at all levels. It graduates over 800 engineers each year in 12 fields of specialization. International perspective has always been a priority for the establishment which has progressively set up international options such as EURINSA, ASINSA and AMERINSA. Today INSA Lyon sets a new challenge for itself to consolidate its position as one of the best Technological Higher Education Establishments in Europe. The University places pedagogical innovation at the core of its training programme in order to produce engineers who possess qualities of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Insa Lyon will evaluate the silicon chemistry developed in the project by using their extensive analytical and characterisation facilities.