Partner 1 - NWTexnet

NWTEX is a support organisation for the textile sector based in the North West of the UK. We offer support to our 450 member companies in a number of different ways:

  • Training and skills development
  • Access to funding streams
  • Involvement in technology development projects
  • Lobbying on a regional and national basis for the sector
  • Marketing and PR for the sector


Partner 2 - UP-Tex

The Up-Tex Cluster is an association of SME's, industrial groups, research and technology transfer centres. Up-Tex has been approved as a Scientific Cluster by the French government on 12 July 2005. For a period ranging 2009 2015, the Cluster's aim is to become a European benchmark in the field of Advanced Textile Materials, Sensory Perception Technology and Mass Customisation. Up-Tex objectives are to:

  • Federate the best competencies for preparing and optimizing projects as to well as serve as a vector for their exposure, dissemination.
  • Replace textiles at the heart of the materials of tomorrow through innovative applications in terms of functionality and usage, thus paving the way for a large number of opportunities in sectors offering high added value such as transportation (aeronautics - automobile - railway), health , building and civil engineering, sports and leisure, functional work attire (protective equipment, etc.)
  • Speed up the development of markets and activities related to Advanced Textile Materials and Product Perception through the Senses by setting up scientific programs and collaborative Research & Development (R&D) projects, in an effort to enhance cooperation between companies and research laboratories.
  • Foster the development of innovation at scientific, technological and industrial levels as well as at intangible and managerial levels, particularly through mass customization and also to meet the customer's latest expectations in terms of personalized products, through a sustainable development approach.


Partner 3 - UNITEX

UNITEX is the National Association of (technical) executives of the textile industry in Belgium.

The association is based on the support of volunteers; the boarder consists of CEOs, manager directors of different textile companies, and suppliers

Beside members in Belgium, UNITEX has also members in other countries (Netherlands, Germany, France...). Its activities mainly consist of monthly presentations on technical and general topics, which might be of interest to the textile industry, the edition of a bimonthly journal as well as the organization of international congresses such as European Coating Congress (biennial), European Digital Printing Congress (biennial) and World Carpet Congress (triennial).

UNITEX also publishes a well-organised bimonthly magazine. UNITEX organizes international symposia as well, often in collaboration with other associations such as FEDUSTRIA, CENTEXBEL and University College of Ghent. Members can call on UNITEX for all kinds of (mainly technical) information free of charge.

Our missions:

  • Promoting the interests of the textile sector and signalize new developments, researchers, developers from national or international research institutes
  • Promoting services
  • Promoting/stimulating textile research and textile education (academic and technical level)
  • Promoting networking social between industry, research, education, suppliers and all people interested in textile
  • Informing textile company on different possibilities on national and international level of research projects


Partner 4 - Techtera
Techtera is the French cluster dedicated to technical textiles. This non-profit organisation is located in Lyon (Rhone-Alpes area), which historically concentrates leaders of the textile industry. The objective of Techtera is to promote the technical and technological innovation within his partners, by generating and providing solutions for the management of R&D projects and connecting industrial partners with research structures.

Techtera has 110 members with more than 80% of manufacturing companies. The association has assisted 106 collaborative R&D projects since 2005. The activities of the Techtera members are dealing with aerospace, healthcare, civil engineering and buildings, personal Protective Equipment.